Courses & Workshops

All courses come with comprehensive workbooks, tools and are hands-on with actionable insights. Each course can come standard or be tailored for your specific company/industry (contact Tony for more information).

For a PDF download providing an extensive breakdown of course outlines, content, deliverables, cost and more, just click on the course of interest (below). 

The Modernized B2B SellingStrategic Enterprise Selling, and Strategic Social Selling courses are especially valuable for:

  1. Crafting value messaging to lead with insight in generating conversations with potential new clients
  2. Helping sales people personally create opportunity pipeline leveraging LinkedIn
  3. Managing complex enterprise sales opportunities

The Relationship Selling course covers the Science and Art of Communication and Influence and is ideal for sales people, consultants and managers who engage with potential new clients and need to develop 'sales fundamentals' awareness and skills.

The Negotiation for Sales course can be tailored to include real world scenarios for role-play workshops.  


PDF download currently unavailable for the 'Negotiation for Sales' course. Course fees/cost and other requirements will be similar to the 'Relationship Selling' course, or feel free to contact Tony for any further details.