Best Selling Author

Tony Hughes is a best selling Author, widely acclaimed and endorsed by industry luminaries including professor Neil Rackham and Dave SteinInsert. His first book, The Joshua Principle, is in its 8th printing and Tony's second book, COMBO Prospecting, is being published by AMACOM New York for a January 2018 launch.

COMBO Prospecting

Published by AMACOM in January 2018, COMBO Prospecting is taking the world by storm because it is the essential and practical prequel to both SPIN Selling and The Challenger Sale. This is because COMBO Prospecting is what gets you in front of people to then use the SPIN questioning framework from Neil Rackham and the 'Challenger' insight narrative and techniques of CEB (Corporate Executive Board, now Gartner). You may think you're the best salesperson in the world... but not if you're unable to create quality sales pipeline.

COMBO prospecting brings timeless principles of success together with modern engagement tools and techniques... people and technology, social and the phone, insight and value, relationships and strategy. Tony’s practical strategies will enable you to master deep-dive research using LinkedIn and other social media platforms; create an effective value narrative with powerful scripts and templates; select and use the very best sales enablement tools; identify “trigger events” and optimize referrals to create engagement; nurture a strong and empowering network that helps you thrive; construct an online brand that really packs a punch, and more.

“In a fad-filled sales world that loves silver bullets, Tony Hughes gut-punches us with what’s real and what works. COMBO Prospecting addresses the challenges of prospecting with unflinching courage. Sales reps must master prospecting or starve. Companies must embrace prospecting or be run over by competitors who are not afraid to attack the top of the sales funnel. Tony doesn’t mince words in these pages. My advice: read it twice and apply its clear lessons daily. Your success will thank you.” — Chris Beall, CEO, ConnectAndSell, Inc.

The Joshua Principle

The Joshua Principle is a widely acclaimed business best seller delving into essential professional selling concepts through a compelling non-fiction narrative. Follow the journey of an aspiring sales leader, Joshua Peters, and learn about: RSVPselling, the Value Quadrant for Professional Sales Agents©, The New ROI©, the seven sins of selling, the ten laws of relationship and strategic selling, how to develop and execute effective strategy, the history and evolution of professional selling, how to gain insight to challenge thinking and create business value, how to successfully sell at the top, and much more.

To those already actively engaged in selling. My goal for the book was to capture the essence of what it takes to be a leader and succeed in the essential business function of delivering profitable revenue. My fervent hope is that the story and teaching enables you to benefit from decades of experience, thousands of hours at the ‘pointy-end’, and powerful proven methodologies in all that you do.

"To describe this book as a compelling story is an understatement. This is a coming-of-age story and scores a perfect ten in every way! Take a deep breath, put your feet up and get ready to lose yourself in the truly engaging story of an aspiring sales leader who discovers how deals really get won." — Dave Stein: CEO, ES Research Group Inc.